Mission, Philippines

Little Angel

She’s our  little angel.

She’s cute.

She smiles often.

She laugh when I tickle her.

She plays with everyone (while lying).

She folds her hands when we pray together.

She’s baby Mizrhain Corbito, born with hydrocephalus.

The doctors said that it too was hard for her to have an operation because the head was too big already. According to tita Eva (the mother), she was too scared then when the doctor said that the baby needs a surgery. When she decided to pursue the operation, the doctors declined because of the size of the head. The doctors also said that she won’t live long. She might not reach 1 year old.

The Corbito family was not Adventists before. The constant visitation and prayer of the first missionaries (Gladies and Amy from the 31st batch) in Agoncillio, Batangas touched their hearts and decided to know God more by studying the Bible. The mother, father, brother and her 2 sisters were baptized.

Soon, we  took care of the baby by cleaning the wounds (she has 3 wounds, both sides and at the back of her head), bringing her to the hospital and bringing her some stuffs. We are not nurses but God used our hands. Some of us, while we’re cleaning the wounds (we’re 6 missionaries then) encouraged the family to continue serving God because sometimes they feel like God forgot them and that God is not helping them. We made them realized that it was because of the baby that they became closer to God, that they knew God more.

While crying on my shoulder, Tita Eva said “Pagod na pagod na ako…Buong magdamag akong walang tulog…Alam ko pagod na pagod na rin si baby…” I can feel the pain in her heart and how tired she was.

Baby with Joy (missionary) and other church members

Baby Mizrhain died last Saturday (September 3, 2010). I felt so sad for the family because they lost their little angel but I know they will see their little angel in heaven. The baby who made then cry, smile, laugh, and made them closer to God.


2 thoughts on “Little Angel”

  1. God is Good all the time!!as i watched the little angel, my heart was touched,it seems like she really wants 2 be with her family & friends..but God really has a purpose of getting her from her loved one’s arms..& Only “HE” knows bests..
    huhu..i creid ate ghing wen i read about her death..so sad but we hav 2 accpt it.
    tnx ate ghing..send my condolence nlng to her Family..

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