Stuffs in Life

Yesterday, my students in Social Studies had a “Flea Market.” They sold stuffs like pen, pencils, erasers, crayons, ruler, stickers, key holders, post it, and a lot more. They sold it inside the classroom and in the office. My co-teachers and I bought. Of course they also gave us free stuffs (good students. Hehehe! ) And most of the things I bought were on bargain.

As I looked at these things here on my table, I was thinking, what is their significance in my life? (Nagdrama na naman ang bida…)

The Pen. I am the one who’s writing stories in my life. Like a book, I am the author and nobody is responsible in everything that will happen except me. People can only have influence in my life but the pen is mine. I am in control.

Pencils and Erasers. The good thing about pencil is, if you have mistakes, they can be erased. There are things in my life that needs to be erased. But is it possible to erase those mistakes? Or I’d rather say regrets. We’ll even if I use eraser to correct the things that needs to be corrected, it will still leave a mark. Well, at least nai-correct ko ‘di ba? J

Crayons. If only my life can be drawn, I’ll buy the most wonderful (not expensive kasi I have nothing) crayons in the whole world. I will use it to draw my life. I always want to have a colorful life. I always say that my life is full of colors, yet blurred. Hahahaha! No, that was before.

Ruler. Can faith be measured? I wonder how long or narrow my faith is. I always want to have a good relationship with God but faith without action is dead. Like what Paul said in Romans 7, The things he wants to do, he cant do. But the things that he dont want to do, he does. (paraphrased). I’m still struggling.


Stickers. What are stickers for? For me, it’s for decorations. I need stickers to enhance the simple things. What are the “stickers” in my life? Yes, you got it, cosmetics. Hahahaha! I love cosmetics.

Post it. My post it are used for Bible verses. I also use them to remind me of my tasks. There are times I forgot about things and my friends are there to remind me.

to be continued…. 🙂


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