Preparing for Vacation

You couldn’t imagine how excited I am now since I am away from home for almost 2 years now. The 10-day vacation is not enough. Now, that I am about to go home, I am preparing things for my family and friends. It sounds easy, isn’t it? But listing the names and writing what I am going to give them is quite hard since I don’t have enough budgets for gifts (missionaries only received a little stipend).

I will buy this for my mom, this one is for my father, my sister, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, friends, neighbors, church members, and most specially, I will buy something for the precious and lovely kids in our place. (Sigh!) Can I just go home without these?! My conscience says, No, you cant! Can you afford to see them looking at you and expect something even just a candy? Okay, okay! I will make sure that even in my little gifts, I can make them smile. 
My mama and papa preparing something. A friend took the photo just last weekend. I miss them!
These are the B’laan kids who are staying beside our humble church. They look so lovely and innocent, aren’t they? 🙂
I’m now thinking, am I also preparing for my 1000 years vacation in Heaven? I am preparing many things to make my family and friends happy but just by being in heaven could surely make my Father happy. My family and friends are excited to see me, but my Father in heaven is more excited to spend many years with me and His other children. I paid my plane tickets going home but I won’t pay even a cent going to heaven. If I will just be a good child and follow whatever He says, I can surely be with Him. I should also be ready because I do not know when is that plane going to heaven will take off. I hope I can catch its flight.  :-)

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