anything is possible

Sarah, Rachel and Hannah are the women in the Bible whom I know had great sentiments about having no child. Their barrenness made them felt so desperate that they made some decisions. Sarah, in Genesis 16: 1 and 2 said that she wants her husband to sleep with her maidservant Hagar so she (Sarah) can build a family through her. Rachel was jealous of her sister, and told her husband to give her a child through her maidservant Bilhah (Genesis 30:3) so she may also build a family through her maidservant. Hannah’s jealousy and feeling like she’s nobody because she has no child created an explosive mix of emotions that blew up when she poured out her heart before the Lord.

In their time, having no child was like a woman being cursed by God. Child bearing is their career. Nowadays, having no child is normal for couples who are not ready for responsibilities of being parents.

I was inspired about the stories of these ladies whom God had blessed after a long period of time. Sarah gave birth at the age of 90. God also remember Rachel and Hannah. He opened their wombs and delivered children after some time.

I won’t deny that I have less possibility of being a mother. I have no husband or even a boyfriend and I’m not yet ready of the responsibilities of being a parent, but I am scared to become barren. It’s been 10 months since God took my right ovary and until now it’s hard for me to accept the fact that I only have one. Being a mother is the number one career I always want to be, even before my surgery, that’s why it’s really hard on my part to accept this reality. I still cry although the doctors assured me that I can still bear a child in the future.

with my co-tecahers at Seoul sahmyook Hospital. January 2010

I know I shouldn’t worry about this. I should believe that like, Sarah, Rachel and Hannah, God will also give me the desire of my heart. The Bible said in Genesis 18:14, “Is there anything hard for the Lord?.. and in Luke 18:26, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.


2 thoughts on “anything is possible”

  1. When I was studying the lesson, I knew that you would somehow have a connection with it. You’re one of those who could actually understand how those three women felt. I think God allowed it to happen to you so that you could and would be an inspiration to others. I’m really happy that you are using this small space on the net to share your testimony. I may not have told or made you feel, but I’m proud of what you are doing in reaching out and inspiring other people. Continue on this right track and you won’t be lost! God bless you always, Shie!

    1. Yes, Jen. I undertstand how those women felt. I felt like Im gonna experience the same thing soon. hahahaha I actually learned to love sharing my experiences now. I have so many things to post but I have no time to type them. hahaha you know how busy our sched. 🙂 Thanks, Jen! You inspired me. 🙂

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