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Last Sabbath, October 16, 2010, while attending the A.Y worship at the Filipino International Seventh-day Adventist Church, the A.Y. leader, grouped us in to 4 and handed us some cards. We’re to answer the questions in the cards. Some of the questions took me a minute to answer and most of it I couldn’t even answer. Those questions are like the questions often ask in the beauty contest. Now, I realized, I won’t really win if I grab those offers to join the contests before (FYI, that time, I wasn’t as big as this.LOL).

I will try to answer some of it now. These questions are easy but as I have said, it took me some time to answer. I categorized the questions into 2 parts. Why? Wala lang… 🙂

1st part The Char lang! 🙂

Question: Do you have any hidden talent?

My answer: Thank you so much for the question (char! LOL). I could consider myself as a “talentless” (in my own dictionary) person. People say that I am good at this and good at that but I am not sure if it’s already called a talent. Anyway, what does talent mean? If I have a hidden talent, that talent is too hidden that I couldn’t even notice. Thank you!

Question: What was the worst lie youve ever told?

My answer: I am not a liar, I say what’s on my mind and will tell you the truth, but I admit I also lied. Before, I always say that I have moved on, but the truth is everything still hurts (drama again). I lied, not just to other people but also to myself. I want to convince not just them but also myself that the feeling’s totally gone. That’s why now, when I say I’ve moved on, my friends won’t believe me anymore. J

Question: If you could change your name, what would it be?

My Answer: My real name is Shiela Gay A. Velasco. I never wished to be called Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez. Drew Barrymore is fine but just remove the Gay and it’ll be fine.

Question: What is the nicest thing a stranger did to you?

My answer: I was in Yongsan station and I forgot to bring my subway map. I was really confused where to go (As if there are no maps on the walls. Oh, I can’t read Hangeul then.). Suddenly, a handsome and tall Korean guy talked to me and asked me if I need help. Of course, I said yes! His English was perfect! Wow, I was impressed! He gave me instructions which train to ride and where to get off. He also reminds me before he left the train. Soooo nice! J

2nd Part. Im serious this time.

Question: What would you change about yourself?

My answer: I hope I can control my temper. When I get mad, I am really mad. I can also be so mean if I am mad. (Watch out!) I also want to change my lifestyle. I want to sleep early, eat less and exercise more.

Question: Which of the 10 commandments do you break often?

My answer: I’ll go straight now, the 1st commandment, “You have no other god before me.” Material things may sometimes be god to me. Sometimes I forgot the Sabbath, too, (the 4th commandment) when I go shopping.

Question: What turns you on spiritually?

My answer: Difficulties and answered prayers. I had a dilemma, whether God really exists or not, but when I face difficulties and ask for His help, He is there 24/7 to rescue me. He also answers my prayers.

Question: Have you had an answered prayer lately?

My answer: Yes. Actually, answered prayers because he answers my prayers everyday. What’s the latest one? I prayed to befriend a certain person and God made us friends now.

Question: If God will send a thunder ball, whom do you want to be hit?

My answer: It’s quite a tough question since I don’t hold grudges to people I got mad once (even twice or trice. Oppps, should be serious here.) Can it be just me? I’m not a good servant (true!). I couldn’t afford to see a person being hit by the thunder ball just because I wish him to.

Questions, questions, questions. There are actually still lots of questions here on the cards but too many to answer them all. For conclusion? Hmmmn will you help me do the conclusion for this? It’s 12:54 AM now; I’m mentally drained thinking of the answers to these questions. Hahaha


2 thoughts on “Qs & As”

  1. hi, im here again… all your writings are pretty funny and interesting and this time i cant even resist to have some comments. but now i was in difficulty writing this comment heheheh.. sorry for my poor english grammar 😀 i was been trigger to have some comment again if God really exist… just wana add., maybe this can help: first, look yourself at the mirror and say ” what a beautiful, gorgeous and unique person am i ” 2nd: look the people around you ” who made those different kinds of people” 3rd: look at the flowers, vegetations, the animals etc. ” who made them all? ” even the most intelligent human ever lived can never duplicate the uniqueness of Gods creature. 4th: stare on the stars specially the moon, you can even forget your problem while staring at them. Watch this and ready to be amaze of Gods existence… 😀

  2. it was ridiculous to see even the atheist praying to God for help in time of great earthquake :)) whether we like it or not, there is God who lives… 🙂

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