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December 28, 2010 was our schedule to go the most exciting site I knew that time, the Zip line, located at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. But to my disappointment, my friend Daisy Jane called me a day before that, informing me that the driver was not available so we need to reschedule our plan. December 30 was the final date. I read from a friend’s post on Facebook that he wasn’t able to go on the Zip line because there are lots of people queuing.

The final date came and I was sooooo excited! Our original plan was to leave General Santos City before the sun shines but because of some circumstances and because we are Filipinos, we left at 8:00 in the morning. After about 3 hours travel, we arrived. We’re group 34 and each group has 2, 6, or even 12 persons!

After waiting for about 3 hours we were able to experience the most exciting thing that time, the Zip Line!!!

Im Ready!!! 🙂

While on the line, we saw the abundance of nature God created. The falls, forest, and mountains! Truly, we couldn’t fathom how God created these wonderful things on Earth. Perfectly wonderfully made! Thinking that we were only on the line with the pulley above us and do not know when the iron rope will break, I was not afraid, I was soooo excited! I was like flying or on the plane looking at the marvelous creations.

One of the 7 Falls in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
My friends on the line! 🙂

Thanks to my friends who supported me. Daisy Jane Albar for the Toyota D-Max we rode, Paing Montero for finding ways how to reserve our place by contacting his friends but sad to say there’s no reservations even for V.I.P’s like us, Charles Sagabay, Olivebeth Tampus, Elyn Alaza and my sister.


Little things for Little Children

I don’t know why but I really love kids. I love to play with them and I always want to see them smiling. Last year, a day after the Christmas day, I made a program for them. With the help of my sister, niece and cousin, we gave little Christmas gifts and shared love to the B’laan (one of the tribes in Philippines) children who are living in the remote place next to our church. They sang songs, made balloons, colored the coloring papers, ate snacks, and received packed biscuits, chocolates, candies and pencils from Korea. Thanks to our Kindergarten’s head teacher for the cute Christmas pencils she gave us.

Thanks to my partner, Teacher Lee Su-ah for letting me photocopied these coloring papers, E.g. 1+5=6 (green). They finished coloring it for almost 30 minutes because the younger ones don’t know addition and subtraction.
Cute Christmas pencils from our Kindergarten head tecaher.
This little boy doesn’t know how to color and sing but was excited to eat the snacks (though it doesn’t really show here.)
A pose with my cousin and niece (at the left) the kids, and Lola Emelia, a B’laan deacon in our church and a mother (at the right).

“Salamat, ate ghing,” they said when we finished. I am happy to see them happy. They’re actually one of my reasons why I went home. I love them, and I love them more after my surgery early last year. They’re like angels and their smiles are so precious.


2010’s Last Sabbath

7 o’clock is too early for me to wake up but that Saturday morning of the 25th of December, I woke up with enthusiasm. I opened my notes because I know I’m going to preach on the Divine Service. I still do not know what to say because my prepared sermon was textual and it’s not easy to find the right texts in the Cebuan Bible so I changed my topic.

8:30 A.M. when we arrived in the church. The brethren were glad to see me after 2 years of being away. The Sabbath School Superintendent approached me for the Sabbath School Promotional. I was shocked! He said he sent a message to my sister last night about it but my sister didn’t receive it. Thanks to my partner, Jen for the Bible text, I was able to deliver the promotional talk.

Time for Lesson review and Children’s ministry. The children’s teacher was not there so I lead the children in singing songs, memorizing verses from the Bible and telling them a story. Good children received Christmas pencils sponsored by our Kindergarten’s Head teacher.

Story telling.

Divine Service. I was on the pulpit and the Children’s ministry director in our church was not there to give the Homily. They named some persons but they’re not prepared. The one in charge of the worship looked at me and I knew what he meant. I stood up, got the microphone and told the kids a story about a man who hated his one-eyed mother. He doesn’t know that his mother sacrificed and gave her own eyes for him. Just like Jesus who gave His life for us in the cross. Thanks to my partner ate Mai, for this story. 🙂

After the special song, the message of God for us then was entitled, “Make the Most of Every Opportunity.” It’s a message I heard from a Korean pastor at Filipino International SDA Church. It’s about how we should spend our time wisely because all our time belongs to God and we have a solemn duty to use our time for the Glory of God. We can make it one of our New Year’s resolutions to spend our time wisely.

At A.Y., they knew I was exhausted so they never asked me to do something.

It was a wonderful Sabbath. My first and last Sabbath for the year 2010 in our humble church.