2010’s Last Sabbath

7 o’clock is too early for me to wake up but that Saturday morning of the 25th of December, I woke up with enthusiasm. I opened my notes because I know I’m going to preach on the Divine Service. I still do not know what to say because my prepared sermon was textual and it’s not easy to find the right texts in the Cebuan Bible so I changed my topic.

8:30 A.M. when we arrived in the church. The brethren were glad to see me after 2 years of being away. The Sabbath School Superintendent approached me for the Sabbath School Promotional. I was shocked! He said he sent a message to my sister last night about it but my sister didn’t receive it. Thanks to my partner, Jen for the Bible text, I was able to deliver the promotional talk.

Time for Lesson review and Children’s ministry. The children’s teacher was not there so I lead the children in singing songs, memorizing verses from the Bible and telling them a story. Good children received Christmas pencils sponsored by our Kindergarten’s Head teacher.

Story telling.

Divine Service. I was on the pulpit and the Children’s ministry director in our church was not there to give the Homily. They named some persons but they’re not prepared. The one in charge of the worship looked at me and I knew what he meant. I stood up, got the microphone and told the kids a story about a man who hated his one-eyed mother. He doesn’t know that his mother sacrificed and gave her own eyes for him. Just like Jesus who gave His life for us in the cross. Thanks to my partner ate Mai, for this story. 🙂

After the special song, the message of God for us then was entitled, “Make the Most of Every Opportunity.” It’s a message I heard from a Korean pastor at Filipino International SDA Church. It’s about how we should spend our time wisely because all our time belongs to God and we have a solemn duty to use our time for the Glory of God. We can make it one of our New Year’s resolutions to spend our time wisely.

At A.Y., they knew I was exhausted so they never asked me to do something.

It was a wonderful Sabbath. My first and last Sabbath for the year 2010 in our humble church.


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