Little things for Little Children

I don’t know why but I really love kids. I love to play with them and I always want to see them smiling. Last year, a day after the Christmas day, I made a program for them. With the help of my sister, niece and cousin, we gave little Christmas gifts and shared love to the B’laan (one of the tribes in Philippines) children who are living in the remote place next to our church. They sang songs, made balloons, colored the coloring papers, ate snacks, and received packed biscuits, chocolates, candies and pencils from Korea. Thanks to our Kindergarten’s head teacher for the cute Christmas pencils she gave us.

Thanks to my partner, Teacher Lee Su-ah for letting me photocopied these coloring papers, E.g. 1+5=6 (green). They finished coloring it for almost 30 minutes because the younger ones don’t know addition and subtraction.
Cute Christmas pencils from our Kindergarten head tecaher.
This little boy doesn’t know how to color and sing but was excited to eat the snacks (though it doesn’t really show here.)
A pose with my cousin and niece (at the left) the kids, and Lola Emelia, a B’laan deacon in our church and a mother (at the right).

“Salamat, ate ghing,” they said when we finished. I am happy to see them happy. They’re actually one of my reasons why I went home. I love them, and I love them more after my surgery early last year. They’re like angels and their smiles are so precious.


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