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December 28, 2010 was our schedule to go the most exciting site I knew that time, the Zip line, located at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. But to my disappointment, my friend Daisy Jane called me a day before that, informing me that the driver was not available so we need to reschedule our plan. December 30 was the final date. I read from a friend’s post on Facebook that he wasn’t able to go on the Zip line because there are lots of people queuing.

The final date came and I was sooooo excited! Our original plan was to leave General Santos City before the sun shines but because of some circumstances and because we are Filipinos, we left at 8:00 in the morning. After about 3 hours travel, we arrived. We’re group 34 and each group has 2, 6, or even 12 persons!

After waiting for about 3 hours we were able to experience the most exciting thing that time, the Zip Line!!!

Im Ready!!! 🙂

While on the line, we saw the abundance of nature God created. The falls, forest, and mountains! Truly, we couldn’t fathom how God created these wonderful things on Earth. Perfectly wonderfully made! Thinking that we were only on the line with the pulley above us and do not know when the iron rope will break, I was not afraid, I was soooo excited! I was like flying or on the plane looking at the marvelous creations.

One of the 7 Falls in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
My friends on the line! 🙂

Thanks to my friends who supported me. Daisy Jane Albar for the Toyota D-Max we rode, Paing Montero for finding ways how to reserve our place by contacting his friends but sad to say there’s no reservations even for V.I.P’s like us, Charles Sagabay, Olivebeth Tampus, Elyn Alaza and my sister.


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