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Growing in Jesus

Many times I have been asked, “Are you a born Adventist?” and my answer is always, “Yes, I am.” But there are questions I am asking myself and these questions made me think, “Have I been faithful? Am I a mature Christian?”

I was baptized 13 years ago. My grandfather and a layman gave us bible studies every Sabbath afternoon and after studying all the topics, we got baptized. I was actually not so ready then (I was so young and I didn’t really understand what we studied) but when my mother asked me if I want to, I said yes. My other friends will be baptized too and it would be fun if we’ll be on the beach (where we had our baptism) together.

Being in the Seventh-day Adventist home is not a guarantee that you will live faithfully. My parents are not strict. Yes, they’re there to say that what I did was wrong and that eating this and that and wearing jewelry are not good. Maybe they thought that I am a good daughter so they put too much trust on me. Then came a time when I lived alone in an Adventist boarding school. There came different kinds of temptations. Well, I couldn’t really say “temptation” because I was not really into it but because of my curiosity, I tried drinking. One shot made me dizzy and prayed to God before I sleep to wake me up the following day. I don’t want to die drunk.

When I was in college, I was a little confusing. While I was busy with my responsibilities at school, I was also busy partying. I am supeeeer out-going person. My college friends usually go to bars and I usually go with them. I sat, talked and laughed with them and eat their food (those which God allowed me to). I don’t drink for 3 reasons. First, I know it’s not good. Second, I don’t appreciate the taste of the alcohol. And third, I want to be a good example to them. If I drink once, they will surely coax me to drink again. But there was a time I went out with them on Friday night. I know it was wrong. My college friends looked at me like a faithful servant.

While on weekdays I’m with my college friends, on weekends, I’m always with my Adventist friends. I was very active in different youth organizations all over Southern Mindanao Mission. I was a leader and I can’t even stay in my home church because I was so busy with different activities in different churches and in different youth organizations.

My life after college became different. I became more active in doing His works by helping crusades and organizing other activities. I concentrated on socializing with the believers and non-believers, doing good for others and bringing more souls to Him but I forgot myself and my relationship to God.

I know I am not good in the Bible. I don’t read the Bible by heart and I sometimes pray sincerely until I joined the 1000 Missionary Movement. At the 1000MM campus, I learned many things. I prayed harder, I read the Bible and understands what I read. I even wrote my prayers and found out that most of them were answered “yes.”

I know I am still a baby. My faith is still immature. I need spiritual food to grow. I need to learn and understand many things about Him. I am still growing in Jesus.