Devotionals, Personal

My Heart-Christ Home

Teary eyed, I closed the book entitled “My Heart- Christ Home” by Robert Boyd Munger. I kneeled down beside my bed and whisper a prayer that I may give the keys of my heart to God.

This book is about our hearts as Christ’s home. When we invite him to stay in our hearts, we should treat him as our special guest. And if we do, we will surely have a closer relationship with him. We can spend many times with him.

The best thing is that, if we will let him stay with us, he will be willing to help us clean our house (hearts). If we will only hand him the keys of the rooms in our hearts and let him in, he will surely will help us clean our messy hearts. There are rooms in our hearts that sometimes we don’t want other people to know nor to see but Christ can smell the rotten, dirty things that we’re hiding. He knows that we don’t have enough strength to clean that room, so he’s volunteering to clean it.

It is not easy to maintain sa clean house (heart). When the other room is clean, the other is becoming dirty again. Why not give him the right to rule over house?



Mama and Papa

I have heard a lot about broken families and quarrelsome and unsupportive parents. Well, I must be very lucky. There wasn’t a time I hear them fighting over something.

My mother is a born Adventist, raised well by my poor grandparents. She worked in the hospital as a midwife but she stopped after giving birth to me.

My father was converted after his parents were separated and before he married my mom. He’s running a tailoring shop and earning enough money to support us.

I could say that my parents raised us ( my sisterdear and I ) well. Even if we’re not rich, they let us studied in an Adventist boarding school. They never complain even if we can see how much they struggled just to support us.

I remember in my senior year in college, I told my mother that may apply as a Managerial Trainee in Jollibee Food Corporation after graduation because my marketing mentor was making sure that I will succeed in my chosen career. She was happy. Later after graduation, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a missionary. I know my decision disapointed them but they didn’t say anything. They’re still happy for me because I’ll be serving God. How lucky I am. There wasn’t a time they say “no” to my decisions in life. Instead, they’d say, ” It’s up to you. If you think it’s right, go for it”.

Are they strict? No, they’re not. They trust me sooooo much. Oh there was a time they became strict, when I had a non-Adventist boyfriend. 🙂 (that was 2 months anyway) well, maybe, I’m a good daughter that’s why they trust me much. 😀

I am always proud of my parents. Someday, when I’ll have my family, I wish it’ll be like what we have now or even more than this. 🙂

I love you, Mama and Papa.