Mama and Papa

I have heard a lot about broken families and quarrelsome and unsupportive parents. Well, I must be very lucky. There wasn’t a time I hear them fighting over something.

My mother is a born Adventist, raised well by my poor grandparents. She worked in the hospital as a midwife but she stopped after giving birth to me.

My father was converted after his parents were separated and before he married my mom. He’s running a tailoring shop and earning enough money to support us.

I could say that my parents raised us ( my sisterdear and I ) well. Even if we’re not rich, they let us studied in an Adventist boarding school. They never complain even if we can see how much they struggled just to support us.

I remember in my senior year in college, I told my mother that may apply as a Managerial Trainee in Jollibee Food Corporation after graduation because my marketing mentor was making sure that I will succeed in my chosen career. She was happy. Later after graduation, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a missionary. I know my decision disapointed them but they didn’t say anything. They’re still happy for me because I’ll be serving God. How lucky I am. There wasn’t a time they say “no” to my decisions in life. Instead, they’d say, ” It’s up to you. If you think it’s right, go for it”.

Are they strict? No, they’re not. They trust me sooooo much. Oh there was a time they became strict, when I had a non-Adventist boyfriend. 🙂 (that was 2 months anyway) well, maybe, I’m a good daughter that’s why they trust me much. 😀

I am always proud of my parents. Someday, when I’ll have my family, I wish it’ll be like what we have now or even more than this. 🙂

I love you, Mama and Papa.



2 thoughts on “Mama and Papa”

  1. i was amaze and happy about your story specially for the part of your parents that you never seen them quarreling until i read the later part… i really admire you for having a missionary spirit. but im afraid that you will loose that spirit for having a non-Adventist partner in life. i hope and pray that you will find someone same spirit as you are. gudluck for your more missionaries to come. God bless

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