From: Hee Yeon

I love children so much. I always bring candies or chocolates to give to the children in church or anywhere. I always want to see them happy.

In church, there’s a little girl named Hee Yeon. She’s everybody’s favorite girl. She’s lovely and talky. Everytime I see this little girl, I feel elated.

Hee Yeon and I always play guessing game. I hold the candy and let her guess which hand holds it. If she wins, she gets the candy. Sometimes, she’s too talky that I can’t even hear the message through our translator, so I usually ask her to sit down and write or draw something.

Last Friday night, during our vesper worship, she mentioned something like a gift. I thought she was asking for a gift because the previous day was children’s day. I just said, “Sorry baby, I don’t have a gift now. 그냥 내일 , 알았지 ? (Just tomorrow, okay?)”

The following day, her grandmother called me and told me to wait. She called Hee Yeon downstairs and handed her a small Korean yellow bag. Her grandmother said Hee Yeon wants to give me a gift. I was so happy to receive it! I never thought she would think of giving me something. I hugged and kissed her. I never thought she would appreciate the love I showed her.

Inside the gift bag is a wrapped compact powder. There is also a letter written by her small hand. It says,
영어성생님, 선몰고맙습니다.

I always want to see the children happy but at that time, it was me who was sooo happy to be appreciated by a little child.





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