Anyeong, Mi Amiga~

Have you ever met a super woman? Well, I know one.

She came into my life unexpectedly. It was September 2009 when she arrived in our mission field in Batangas. I knew her before but we never had a chance to talk. And when we talked, we talked until midnight. We talked about anything. She’s such a good listener, too. We call our conversation “Girl Talk 101”

About a month later, I was told to be asigned in South Korea and after 6 months, she was also asigned here. I was praying for her to be asigned in West Cental Korean Conference, and indeed, God answered my prayers.

Now, I will tell you why she is my super hero. There were times when I needed a friend to talk to, I needed someone to listen to my sentiments and she’s always there, not just to listen but to encourage me to go on. She never get tired of me. She’s also my rescuer. She rescued me everytime I have a problem. She is also my spiritual adviser. She always reminds me to pray sincerely and never forget to read the Bible. She’s also my number one supporter. She always tells me not to give up. Never give up specially my lifetime happiness.

It pains my heart to know that she’s leaving now. I may not be so expressive with my words, I may not be a good friend but I want to let her know how much I appreciate her.

Glad, you are a blessing. You’re one of the prizes I received while doing His work. I appreciate everything in you and everything you’ve done into my life. I may not be so blessed with my love life but He’d given me a wonderful friend, enough to say, “I’m okay. I have friends anyway.”

I hope to see you soon and I’m praying that that soon will not be too long.

I will miss you…
Adios mi amiga!

Gladys and I
Gladys, James and I during the Missionary Meeting
us wearing our WCKC uniform

1 thought on “Anyeong, Mi Amiga~”

  1. I’m soo touched reading this page.You made me feel how special I am in your life.You’re a blessing too in my life.
    You just don’t know how wonderful you are.Others are too lame not to notice that you are one of a kind friend, a noble woman a trustworthy friend.
    A person who is willing to give her time just to make her amiga Happy.
    I know GOd will still connect us in the future.Let’s live our dreams with God’s help..
    I miss you my amiga… Ciao….but i certainly know this is just transient.see u at our crusade

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