They will turn their ears away from the truth…”

2 Timothy 4:4

I usually sit with different group of students every lunch time. That time, I was sitting with 4 girls happily talking. We’re eating vegetarian food so they were talking about some delicious meat. One student said, I like 돼지고기 (pork)!” I looked at her and asked, What? What  do you like? I like pig! Yummy! She exclaimed. Pig is not a food. God said, we should not eat that! I told her. One student explained, No, teacher. She likes pig meat. Pork.Yes, I know, but God said its not clean and we should not eat that.” I said. The girl who likes pig said, Teacher, 짓말쟁이 (liar)!”

           I also remember my elementary students eating 순대 ( Sundae, a kind of food that’s pork) when I entered the classroom. I asked them things and got the Bible in the shelf then showed them the verses in Leviticus and after reading, they laughed and said, “Teacher, its okay.”

It is really hard to share the words for God when people don’t believe in Him. I know my work here is just to sow the seeds, I may not be here someday but I know there will be people who will harvest what we, missionaries, have sown. I pray for my students and hope that someday, before God will come, they will know the truth and would say, “Teacher didn’t lie.”

Dear God, please bless those people whom have received the seeds for someday, they will also become your people. Amen.

korean-sundae (blood sausage)



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