Pause and Pray

And I will do whatever you ask in my name,

so that the Son may bring glory

to the Father John 14:13

While inside the classroom, my student’s phone rang. Although she’s not allowed to open it, she did and showed her classmate the message. Her classmate was terrified and told me, “Teacher, the North Koreans bombed us now! I don’t want to die!” Soon, everybody in the class was terrified.

I can’t continue the class because everybody’s busy talking about the bombing. I asked them if they know how to pray aside from our memorized prayer before and after the class (because most of them are not Christians). They nodded, so I told them to pause for a while and pray. Everybody folded their hands, bowed down their heads and silently prayed. The class was quite for a few minutes.

Anything is possible with God. He is always there whenever we need Him. He will protect us not just from North Koreans but from any dangers that we face everyday. Anywhere we are let’s not forget to pause and pray.

Dear God, please protect and help us each day. Amen.


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