I will set out and go back to my father

and say to him: Father I have sinned against

heaven and against you.

Luke 15:18

             “Ouch! Aaron, it’s painful! ” I said as Aaron ran down the stairs after hitting my arms. He stopped and looked at me. He folded his hands then bowed down and says, “Teacher sorry,”  When I was on my way home and he was at the playground, he ran to me and said, “Teacher sorry, sorry, sorry.” I smiled and say, “I’m okay now, just don’t do it again.

This boy was my student before he was transferred to another class. Everybody will agree that he’s the naughtiest boy in school. I was actually pissed off when he hit me in my arms. I know he didn’t do it to make me mad but to call my attention because I usually play with him. Saying sorry is really hard for him, I know.

As I walked home, I realized something. Do I also make things that make my Heavenly Father sad? Sometimes I don’t just hit Him in the arm but strike Him in His heart. I always make Him sad and make His heart broken although I really want to be a good child. It is really hard to say sorry. They said it’s the hardest word to say. I feel guilty every time I ask for His forgiveness for the sins I’ve committed because sometimes I’m not really sorry for those sins. I asked forgiveness not really from my heart that’s why I keep of doing it and sinning over and over.

Dear God, I am so sorry for all the things I’ve done that made you sad. Help me to do things that could make you smile.  Amen.


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