Get up, Go Away!

“Get up, go away!
For this is not your resting place…” Micah 2:10

One text caught my attention while I was writing the Bible (yeah, ┬ámean write few chapters of the Bible). It says, “Get up, go away! For this is not your resting place…”

our apartment building

I pause for a while and think. Is it a message of God for me now?

I’m leaving South Korea in a couple of months but part of me doesn’t want to go. I know I’m going to miss my students, co-teachers, friends and most specially the comfort I have here. I’m living a very comfortable life here. I’m staying in a nice air-conditioned apartment with wi-fi connection, working with wonderful people and receiving bigger stipend compared to other missionaries. Everything’s wonderful and comfortable!

If everything’s well, then why will I go? I decided to go home to serve God as a missionary in Philippines. I will be assigning myself in Kidapawan, South Cotabato and will give myself a missionary stipend of Php2,200 a month. I’m sure, I’m going to have a hard time because I used to have an easy life here in Korea.

I know God doesn’t want me to live in comfort all the time because I might forget Him. Worldly temptations are everywhere (I am very weak when it comes to that issue.). I’m not saying that I won’t come back to Korea because I love this place so much but as of now, I must go and serve in a different mission field.

I should keep in mind that this is not my resting place, my resting place is in Heaven. I’m gonna have my vacation there for 1000 years. And I will do everything to be there, even leaving this comfort zone.