Tulad Kids

I know it was heaven’s plan why I arrived to that place. I never expected that I could meet those lovely little kids. My heart melted every time they look at me and smile.

How did I meet them? I will tell you how…

Since I arrived home, my friends from Sarangani Adventist Mountaineers (SAM) nagged me to join the Mt. Busa adventure. They said I would really regret if I will not go. But I was hesitant because I didn’t prepare for it physically.
Days before the climb, another friend from my mountaineering group, the Society of Adventurers, Volunteers and Explorers (SAVE), sent me a text message, informing me that they will join the SAM in climbing Mt. Busa. I know I will be safe with them because they will surely save me whatever will happen to me during the climb. 

So we went to Kiamba, Sarangani Province to climb Mt. Busa. October 29, 2011, Saturday night, we trekked going to Sitio Falel. We camped there. Early in the morning of Sunday, we journeyed going to Mt. Busa. On the way, I was so fast. I had so much energy but suddenly, my right foot cramped. My feet gave up. I could no longer walk. My eyes started to cry but I hide my tears. I thought, “What am I doing here? Why did I join this activity when I am not prepared? I could have been in my room, reading or watching movies.” When we reached the village of Tulad, my friends decided to stay with me, together with those who cannot continue the trek, including my sister.

I feel awful because I know my friends could go there if not because of me. So I decided to do something worthy while staying there.
I saw lots of children looking at us while we were resting. They look so crummy but their smiles made me feel good about them. It seems that they’re welcoming us in their village. When I talk to them, they just smile and walk away. I called Claire, the other girl who was with the group of my sister. I asked her if she could help me in doing the children’s program. She agreed. I then collected some trail foods from the climbers to give to the children.

After we have rested, we gathered all the children in the village. It was raining but they were excited. There’s no enough place that could cater 30 children, so we brought them to the unfinished bamboo house. We were surprised when the village man said that they couldn’t understand our dialect. I was a little frustrated because I couldn’t talk to them and tell stories. Claire was trying hard to speak their language through the village man. Anyhow, we decided to have a singing program. We taught them songs and let them sing their songs. It was awesome!

I have now the answer to my question while I was trekking and my feet was cramping, “What am I doing here? Why did I join this activity?” My answer is, “God brought me here to be with the children. To make them smile even in simple things. And I promise to be back here soon, to bring some things for them.”
December 2-4, 2011 is my target date to be back there. I have contacted other friends who could help me bring things. I only have 1 sack of clothes for the parents but I’m planning to bring 2 sacks. I only have 20 notebooks from Korea; I still need to buy 10. Pencils are ready. Rice for feeding will be donated by my friend who owned a rice mill. I still need donations for candies, soaps and shampoos (I saw the kids taking a bath at the river without soap or shampoo and washed their clothes without detergent soap.) I hope blessings will arrive before that date so it will be materialized. 


8 thoughts on “Tulad Kids”

  1. you are doing such a noble work. keep it always UP.
    my prayer is with u always…
    am happy that you got this desire to be a blessing to others.

    God bless your kind heart.

  2. Keep up the good work Shie..I am so proud of you. never ending zeal to work for God is very contagious!…I feel like going with you.I miss the full time work of a missionary

  3. Dear Madam. We plan to climb Mount Busa also. May we ask any contact person that you know whom we can get in touch with before we make the climb. Thank you very much. Raymon. Facebook: Raymon Tiozon.

      1. Hi Ma’am. Sorry for the late reply. We are still in the planning stages, but if things are okay, we plan to have it during the All Saints Day this coming October-November 2015. Regards :-))

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