Falling for the Wong One

I know all the right thing to do when it comes to love. I advised my friends who were hurt, wounded and have problems about that issue. I gave words of wisdom from my own personal experience and how I stood up. I know that when the heart gets broken, it affects everything.

After years of living in the world of singleness, I thought I am now more mature and wise when it comes to love.  I thought I already knew how to handle things. I knew I should have guarded my heart. Now, I am facing the same situation again-falling for the wrong guy. EGW says, “While you may love, do not love blindly.” I already knew about it but I am too weak to fight against my heart. Now I’m crying, alone and broken. This heart has been broken once, I know it would take some time for me to pick up the broken pieces of my heart again. I fell and now I am hurt because he didn’t catch me. Well, in the first place, I know he can’t catch me if I fall because he is still holding someone.

So the decision is to be made, before it affects everything in me (and the people around me), I will do what I did before- walk away. I may be called coward but having the courage to leave, even if you don’t want to, is I think the bravest thing to do. I am crumpled but I know God will help me stood up again.

So I'm picking up the broken pieces of my heart..again. 😦