Early Bday Gift

Hi-hello-goodbye was the form of my love life. I meet the guy, dated for awhile and then goodbye. I was in loved and had failed relationships. It has been my dream to love and be loved but maybe fate won’t let me be happy with a man. Then I realized, it’s not fate, it’s God’s plan for me. I always trust myself, I never asked God for guidance.

So a decision has to be made, I will never commit myself to a man without God’s permission. I will just be friends with the opposite sex until God will show me the right one. I also prayed to God that He may show me the right guy before my 25th birthday. He may not be my boyfriend yet but I just want to know him.

So, for 5 years, I never had a boyfriend although during those years, I had crushes and liked some guys. I made myself worthy for the love of my future man. I made myself the right woman for my right man.

Yes, it is such a wonderful feeling when someone cares for you and loves you the way you want to be loved. Now that the right one found me (and I found him) it seems like everythings falling into places. It feels right. I know he is God’s gift for me, God’s prize for all my work. An early birthday gift from God.




3 thoughts on “Early Bday Gift”

  1. happy ko para sa imoha dai finally nakita njud nimo imong mr. R.,God bless you so much talaga dai…miss you

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