A Cheesy Letter


Today I just feel like writing on my iPod’s note (and maybe post it in my wordpress account). I’m not gonna write about the literal cheese (like cheese cake and cheese sticks, I like ’em both) but I’m going to write about how I feel for you. I already know how much you love me and you know that I love you too (really cheesy!!!!^^) but I still want to remind you that I really really love you and I am very very happy that you said you love me more.

I know I’ve already told you this but you really have NO idea how lucky I am to have found you. Yes, we met 3 years ago and there was nothing. But when we start communicating, it was magic. The other night we talked about why I chose you over them. I just really don’t know why I feel so comfortable with you despite the distance. I think I have found my match (..and you know some other reasons, right?) You never let me feel that we live in different continents and that’s I am always thankful.

Honestly, I have complete trust in you and I’ve never had that before with any guy. (As if I had many. You know the longest relationship I had before you was 2 months. Hahaha!) I am not afraid that you will hurt me because I know you won’t.

I just want to physically be near you and seriously just hug you for a really long time and not let go. That’s all I really want. I’m surprised at how much we both want this long distance thing to work. And as you have said, let us prove that we are happy despite the distance because they (families and friends) are happy about us.

Hmmmmnn.. I dunno what to type more. My students are waiting for me now. Hehehe! Happy 4th month to us, honey, and I am looking forward for more months and years. The time when we will be together. I love you too (I know you love me).





2 thoughts on “A Cheesy Letter”

  1. Haayyyy… So this is the inevitable effect of Cloud 9 moments? hehehe^^* I’m happy for both of you. Distance is not an issue if you both care and committed for each other. May God bless your relationship to also be a blessing to others.

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