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Cebu (the reunion)

Perfect attendance. Perfect place. Perfect budget. Perfect mood. I felt like everything was perfect when we went to Cebu. It was our great reunion. It was the first time we were all together after we graduated in high school at Matutum View Academy in 2004. Yes, we always see each other but we were not always complete. Some are busy, some went to other places and some had different lives. So when the Cebu Pacific had their promo fare, we grabbed this opportunity to tour around Cebu in just few days.

Kikiss, Anne and I at Gensan Airport.
Mactan Internatonal Airport, Cebu.
Ghay2x, Kikiss, Me, Louie Jane, Anne and Daisy Jane (not in the picture because she was holding the camera.LOL)

It was Kikiss and Anne’s first trip outside Mindanao so they were very excited. Meanwhile, other friends who were already in Cebu, Louie Jane and Ghay2x were also very excited. We met Ghay2x near her apartment and Louie Jane at Ayala Mall.

The following day, we went to the Capitol Church. Spent the Sabbath there and met friends. We also went with the youth of Capitol church in their children’s ministry. Too bad, we don’t have pictures inside the church and when we did the children’s ministry.

We also went to other tourist spots around the city like the Magellan’s cross and the oldest church.

Sabbath lunch together!

Magellan’s Cross.

Sunday morning, we went to Pandanon Island. It’s an island about 2hrs away from Cebu via boat. We were all excited (even if Daisy Jane lost her phone a night before) to go to that small while island. We packed our things, cooked our food and spread our wings to that island.

Pandanon Island

We also went to Taoist temple after we went to Pandanon island. We were exhausted but it was fine, we want to spend the remaining hours together wisely.

And then we went to ride the Kart and raced. It was definetly super dooper fun!

Well, I guess it would be years from now to be reunited again (completely). My friends went back home and I stayed in Cebu while waiting for my flight to Bangkok.


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