My 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday was one of the most unforgettable birthdays in my life. I never had a party nor cooked a very special meal instead, I spent my day with my friends.

I woke up around 4 in the morning because I had a dream that my boyfriend who is in the other side of the world is awake. I turn on my computer and yes, he was uploading pictures of the cakes he baked for my birthday. He is the sweetest man I know! And oh, it was my first birthday with a boyfriend.


Around 10 o’clock in the morning, Joya and I went to the Korean restaurant for brunch. We were delighted with the food placed on our table. It has been months since the last time I tasted a Korean food . So these are the pictures of the food that awed us.

Right after our stomachs were full, we went home and packed for our next adventure. We demanded to go rock climbing. As a lover of adventure, you couldn’t imagine how excited I was! We rode our motorcycles, bought food and gasoline for our ride. All of a sudden, when we were mentioning about rock climbing, Clad, our friend who’s our guide told us that the place for rock climbing is quite far so we will go to the waterfall instead. I was really disappointed! But anyway, since everything’s ready, we went there.

On our way, the road excites me! It was my first time to ride alone on a motorcycle, I mean adventure ride. I used to have a “driver” when we go to places for adventure. So even if we were not able to go rock climbing, I was still happy to ride the motorcycle on the rough road. Even if the motorcycle slipped and I rolled on the ground, I was still laughing. I really had fun!


We hiked for about 20 minutes going to Houykeaw waterfall. It was beautiful! Joya and I climbed the rocks going up to the waterfall. The waterfall looks small but when you climb, it is very high and very beautiful! At least we still had a simple “rock climbing”. LOL


We took another way going back to Chiangrai. The road was still challenging and it really made me happy. When we arrived to the city, we had dinner and went home.

Few minutes after we arrived, there was a knock on our door. When I opened the door, I saw a pink bear inside the plastic bag. Ate Norfel gave me a pink bear. I was really really happy! I now have something to hug (Jude’s proxy. Hahaha!).

And before I close my eyes to sleep, my Jude and I skyped.

It was indeed an awesome day! Thanks to my friends who made me very happy and to my special someone.