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A night in Rome

I arrived at Rome Fuimicino Airport around 8PM. I was very excited to see my boyfriend. He said he’s going to wait at the airport. It took us 15 minutes to meet because there were so many people. I went to the telephone booth but the lady told me to buy a card. I don’t need to call for a long time so I texted him using my Thai mobile phone and got a reply.

My heart jumped when I saw him! He hugged me and helped me with my luggage.  He already bought 2 bus tickets to bring us to the Termini, the train station.

Our train ticket going to Forli says that we have to get on the train at 6:20AM, so we have like a night to spend together in Rome. We left my luggage at Termini (train station). We walked to the Colosseo (the famous Colosseum in Rome). It took us about an hour to reach there because we always stop to take pictures. Ah, my feet hurt from walking. Taxis are so expensive so we just have to walk. Thanks to him, he carried my backpack because it’s too heavy. He carried 2 heavy bags. Great boyfriend! J

All the pain vanished when I saw personally the Colosseo! Amazed, mesmerized, impressed and happy were my feelings upon seeing the awesome Colosseum. It was built hundreds of years ago but it still looks amazing!

We took more pictures and we went to his friend’s apartment to sleep.

We set the alarm and we woke up at 5am. We walked to the bus stop, got my luggage and paid about 10 euro. We only have few minutes to run to our train. We cannot miss our train, our ticket costs 78 euro. We ran as fast as we can. We got on the train! We could have missed it! Thank God!

What I learned from Rome? There’s a lot of walking because taxis are very expensive. I should wear very comfortable shoes next time we’ll go around the city. It’s okay not to buy a bus ticket because nobody’s going to check specially at night. When it’s time, it’s time. Every minute, every second counts so when you miss your train, sorry.

I’ll go and visit more places in Rome next time. 😉



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