Unrealized Dream

[Written August 26, 2013]

Dressed in executive attire with high heels and nice bag; that’s the look I always want since college.  I want to be one of those who always walk fast in the morning going to their offices holding their favorite Starbucks coffee. As graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce and as a former president of College of Business and Management Education, I dreamed of something big and I was so confident to make that dream come true.


As I was sitting at All Seasons Place in Bangkok, I see these people like those I have seen in New York (In the movies, of course. FYI I’ve never been in NY.) They all look great! To work in a place like this was my dream! Men in suits, women in nice executive dresses! Wow!



But… reality check! I am sitting here at the Starbucks Coffee inside the All Seasons Place, waiting for my visa to be released.  A visa to Italy where I will work at the kitchen and clean the school. This is so much far from my dream but…


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