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My Life in Italy

They say I am lucky and blessed to be here in this beautiful and historical place, Italy. Well, yes! Who would have thought that a simple girl from the province  in the southern Philippines  could come to Europe?


To many, living abroad is like living  in a fairyland or in a wonderland. Everybody wish to live and work abroad especially those in my country who have never experienced life abroad. So, I am inviting you to join me as I reveal the life we are living here.

Though I came here to work as a volunteer in a school in Florence, I already knew what my job would be. I left my job in Thailand as a kindergarten  and elementary teacher and came here to work as a volunteer in a school in Florence. Before coming here, I watched the movie “Milan” and since then, I already pictured out my life in Italy. I know I would not teach there, I know I would clean the dormitory, help in the kitchen or maybe clean the whole school!  Life was not so easy  in the first few days. I actually cried the very first day I arrived there because right after I put my things in the room, the dormitory dean  told me to clean the dirt of the birds outside the dorm. I never used to do that but I did not complain. I volunteered for that job so I should do my work. Though I used to sit down, face my computer, teach the children and watch them play, I also got used to the my work in that school. I also met friends there and life was a bit easier.

A couple of months before my flight back to Thailand, I kept thinking whether to go back to Thailand or stay. I left Florence after 8 months of service. I got a job as a nanny in a small city in a province of Emilia Romagna. But taking care of the children was not my only job. I have to clean the house in the morning while the kids are at school, clean the rabbit’s cage and iron the clothes whenever I have an extra time in the afternoon. And even if I don’t have extra time, I really have to find time to iron. I also need to travel an hour to work and an hour to go home. I work 5 days, 45hrs a week. I also teach the children at the church once a week.

When i started working as a volunteer in our church this year, 2015, I decided to stop working to give myself a time to relax and just focus on teaching the children. But when you used to get a salary every month, it is not easy to be broke. Hahaha! Anyways, I love teaching children and when you love what you are doing, things become so easy.

Most the Filipinos in Italy are working as a domestic helper or a caregiver. Some of them are also professionals but chose to work here because, why not? The salary is so much bigger here than in the Philippines. There are also a few who works at the stores, restaurants or hotels, usually, they are those whose parents are here, had studied here and can speak Italian very well.

Many people really wanted to come here and experience the life in Italy. Yeah, it’s good. You should come! This place is very beautiful. Money is also good if you can get a full-time job. You can also explore Italy or travel around Europe easily. But you must also know that working in Italy is not easy. You need to be tough. But for me, it is not a good place to spend my life forever. I will just be here with my husband to experience the life they are living here and to travel while we are still young. And that’s the reason I started blogging again. Soon I will write more of our experiences here.