About Shiela

Hi! My name is Shiela. I am a volunteer/missionary.  I was assigned in Ilocos Sur, Batangas (Philippines) , South Korea and now here in Italy. But before coming to Italy, I worked as an ESL teacher in Thailand.

I like to do a lot of things. I like to travel. I like to DIY the stuffs I cannot buy. I like to sew my clothes. I like to watch kdramas and videos on YouTube. I also like teaching, photography, cooking, designing, styling and doing my makeup.

My friend made this account in WordPress back in 2010 but I seldom blog. I am not a writer but I just like to write about my experiences.

My dream is to travel the world and experience life in other places and share my experiences and the lesson I learned here in my blog.

Join me.

Ciao! 😘



6 thoughts on “About Shiela”

  1. I disagree about what you said that this is a boring site!!!! hmmmp! I think this is very interesting blog…sooner or later may disciple ka na din…hahaha! Nice one here, Shiela (with the long “i” sond”) …lol!

  2. hey, this isn’t boring at all. thanks to leeshinyoung for bringing me to your site. i’m so interested with missionary activities. and your blog is so inspiring. just keep on writing and expressing your thoughts. and soon, you’ll find interesting people who you can be friends with not just in the blog world but in real life, too.

    should i say, welcome to blogosphere? 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comment, Ms.bellpepper (can I call you that name? 🙂 ).It won’t be boring if I have a lot of posts and friends here. but as of now, I I only have few. hehehe my partner Jen introduced wordpress a week ago. Thanks to her, she helped me made it.:-)

    Jen, thanks for the comment. One of these days it won’t be boring. hehehehe I am one of your disciples. hehehe

  4. I think no blog is boring. Each blog is created by its owner with a purpose in mind, and yours is to share things and to “market” God 🙂 And “marketing” God is one great feat, and that is something not boring 😉

  5. Hi Shiela, thanks for visiting back my blog. I was trying to click back to the link you link, pero hindi ako makarating dito sa blog mo. So I checked the link you gave to your site and it’s shievelasco@wordpress.com. Kaya pala hindi ako ma-redirect dito because of the “@” sign instead of a dot 🙂

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