Get up, Go Away!

“Get up, go away!
For this is not your resting place…” Micah 2:10

One text caught my attention while I was writing the Bible (yeah,  mean write few chapters of the Bible). It says, “Get up, go away! For this is not your resting place…”

our apartment building

I pause for a while and think. Is it a message of God for me now?

I’m leaving South Korea in a couple of months but part of me doesn’t want to go. I know I’m going to miss my students, co-teachers, friends and most specially the comfort I have here. I’m living a very comfortable life here. I’m staying in a nice air-conditioned apartment with wi-fi connection, working with wonderful people and receiving bigger stipend compared to other missionaries. Everything’s wonderful and comfortable!

If everything’s well, then why will I go? I decided to go home to serve God as a missionary in Philippines. I will be assigning myself in Kidapawan, South Cotabato and will give myself a missionary stipend of Php2,200 a month. I’m sure, I’m going to have a hard time because I used to have an easy life here in Korea.

I know God doesn’t want me to live in comfort all the time because I might forget Him. Worldly temptations are everywhere (I am very weak when it comes to that issue.). I’m not saying that I won’t come back to Korea because I love this place so much but as of now, I must go and serve in a different mission field.

I should keep in mind that this is not my resting place, my resting place is in Heaven. I’m gonna have my vacation there for 1000 years. And I will do everything to be there, even leaving this comfort zone.


Pause and Pray

And I will do whatever you ask in my name,

so that the Son may bring glory

to the Father John 14:13

While inside the classroom, my student’s phone rang. Although she’s not allowed to open it, she did and showed her classmate the message. Her classmate was terrified and told me, “Teacher, the North Koreans bombed us now! I don’t want to die!” Soon, everybody in the class was terrified.

I can’t continue the class because everybody’s busy talking about the bombing. I asked them if they know how to pray aside from our memorized prayer before and after the class (because most of them are not Christians). They nodded, so I told them to pause for a while and pray. Everybody folded their hands, bowed down their heads and silently prayed. The class was quite for a few minutes.

Anything is possible with God. He is always there whenever we need Him. He will protect us not just from North Koreans but from any dangers that we face everyday. Anywhere we are let’s not forget to pause and pray.

Dear God, please protect and help us each day. Amen.



I will set out and go back to my father

and say to him: Father I have sinned against

heaven and against you.

Luke 15:18

             “Ouch! Aaron, it’s painful! ” I said as Aaron ran down the stairs after hitting my arms. He stopped and looked at me. He folded his hands then bowed down and says, “Teacher sorry,”  When I was on my way home and he was at the playground, he ran to me and said, “Teacher sorry, sorry, sorry.” I smiled and say, “I’m okay now, just don’t do it again.

This boy was my student before he was transferred to another class. Everybody will agree that he’s the naughtiest boy in school. I was actually pissed off when he hit me in my arms. I know he didn’t do it to make me mad but to call my attention because I usually play with him. Saying sorry is really hard for him, I know.

As I walked home, I realized something. Do I also make things that make my Heavenly Father sad? Sometimes I don’t just hit Him in the arm but strike Him in His heart. I always make Him sad and make His heart broken although I really want to be a good child. It is really hard to say sorry. They said it’s the hardest word to say. I feel guilty every time I ask for His forgiveness for the sins I’ve committed because sometimes I’m not really sorry for those sins. I asked forgiveness not really from my heart that’s why I keep of doing it and sinning over and over.

Dear God, I am so sorry for all the things I’ve done that made you sad. Help me to do things that could make you smile.  Amen.



 They will turn their ears away from the truth…”

2 Timothy 4:4

I usually sit with different group of students every lunch time. That time, I was sitting with 4 girls happily talking. We’re eating vegetarian food so they were talking about some delicious meat. One student said, I like 돼지고기 (pork)!” I looked at her and asked, What? What  do you like? I like pig! Yummy! She exclaimed. Pig is not a food. God said, we should not eat that! I told her. One student explained, No, teacher. She likes pig meat. Pork.Yes, I know, but God said its not clean and we should not eat that.” I said. The girl who likes pig said, Teacher, 짓말쟁이 (liar)!”

           I also remember my elementary students eating 순대 ( Sundae, a kind of food that’s pork) when I entered the classroom. I asked them things and got the Bible in the shelf then showed them the verses in Leviticus and after reading, they laughed and said, “Teacher, its okay.”

It is really hard to share the words for God when people don’t believe in Him. I know my work here is just to sow the seeds, I may not be here someday but I know there will be people who will harvest what we, missionaries, have sown. I pray for my students and hope that someday, before God will come, they will know the truth and would say, “Teacher didn’t lie.”

Dear God, please bless those people whom have received the seeds for someday, they will also become your people. Amen.

korean-sundae (blood sausage)


Devotionals, Personal

My Heart-Christ Home

Teary eyed, I closed the book entitled “My Heart- Christ Home” by Robert Boyd Munger. I kneeled down beside my bed and whisper a prayer that I may give the keys of my heart to God.

This book is about our hearts as Christ’s home. When we invite him to stay in our hearts, we should treat him as our special guest. And if we do, we will surely have a closer relationship with him. We can spend many times with him.

The best thing is that, if we will let him stay with us, he will be willing to help us clean our house (hearts). If we will only hand him the keys of the rooms in our hearts and let him in, he will surely will help us clean our messy hearts. There are rooms in our hearts that sometimes we don’t want other people to know nor to see but Christ can smell the rotten, dirty things that we’re hiding. He knows that we don’t have enough strength to clean that room, so he’s volunteering to clean it.

It is not easy to maintain sa clean house (heart). When the other room is clean, the other is becoming dirty again. Why not give him the right to rule over house?