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Beautiful Lugano

A day trip is fun. I mean, leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon or at night. I’ve done this a few times and the latest one was the best.  We went to Lugano, Switzerland from Milan, Italy. We left our friend’s apartment at 8 in the morning and waited for the subway train to Milano Centrale (train station).  We already bought our 2-way tickets to Lugano ( 23 EUR 1 way per person, Trenitalia) so we already know our train schedules. We ran to find our train because we only had few minutes left (Ah, I remember how we ran as fast as we can when we were in Rome!).  We left Milano at exactly 9:10AM.

The train stopped somewhere (maybe at the border) and the men in uniform went inside and checked our passports. Again, like the immigration officers, they were also wondering why I have 2 valid passports (the old one will expire next year). Whatever! Anyway, as I was told, they did not stamp on our passports, they just checked.


We saw the lake while we were on the train and we were so excited to go! After an hour we finally arrived in Lugano, Switzerland! Let me tell you something about this city. Lugano is located in Southern Switzerland, the people speak Italian; it is situated at an elevation of 273 m (896 ft) above sea level.  It is the 3rd important city and financial center in Switzerland, next to Geneva and Zurich.

We had no itinerary or plans.  We looked for the tourist information and there’s none. We saw the funicular and I thought that funicular will gonna tour us around the city. I had read from an article about funiculars in Lugano. But they should be expensive, not 1EUR. But anyway, I was so excited again, but after like a minute, we stopped. The funicular only brought us down the city and did not tour us. Ok fine!



We walked and took pictures and then we finally arrived at the lake. It was  breathtaking! The lake and the mountains are so beautiful! We continued to walk until we arrived at Parco Civico. It’s a very beautiful park beside the lake. We had a little picnic there. We ate lunch and took lots of pictures. And then we saw this fountain from afar and we decided to go there. Sad to say, my camera’s battery was empty before we reach the fountain because we took lots of pictures on our way and my boyfriend’s camera’s battery was low.  We only took like 3 pictures near the fountain and all our cameras were dead.


We were looking for restrooms but there’s we couldn’t find, so we decided to eat at the restaurant so we can use their restrooms. We found this fastfood near Manor (like a department store near the funicular) and their foods were very affordable. They accept either Euro or Franks.


Our train back to Milan will leave at the 5PM. We bought chocolates and some souvenirs near the lake and we hiked back to the train station and waited for our train (which is from Zurich).

It was such an amazing day. The next time we’ll go out for adventure, I should always make sure that my camera’s fully charged.